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Food Storage

Our State Of The Art Temperature alert system provides early warning of temperature changes before it's too late.

The most critical aspect of any produce storage facility's day to day activities revolves around temperature.

Everything within our company is seamless and efficient always keeping the temperature at appropriate levels.

When temperature exceeds these levels many horrendous events can occur such as spoilage and even loss of products. These events cost time and money to replace/repair damaged goods which are sensitive to improper temperatures.

We here at Direct Fresh firmly believe in taking a proactive stance
All Our Storage Facilities Are Constantly temperature monitored to avert disasters

The Direct Fresh Cold Storage units are monitored 24/7 using a technology that provides early warning of temperature changes before those changes affect the quality of the products.

A critical aspect of Direct Fresh's commitment to quality Caribbean produce exports, is controlling the temperature inside their Palm Beach cold storage warehouse.

The automated system continuously monitors the Direct Fresh Freezers and storage units for consistency. Should the temperature vary, a technician is immediately notified by cellular device and is able to take care of the problem as it occurs.

All Direct Fresh Marketing's products, dairy exports, meat exports, poultry exports and produce exports are constantly protected and ensured against temperature fluctuations by this cutting-edge monitoring system.

When choosing a South Florida produce exports specialist, look no further than Direct Fresh Marketing.


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Miami Produce exporter specializing in the consolidation and exporting of the freshest quality produce, meat, dairy and dry goods for all Caribbean and International shipping needs
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